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When it comes to professional radio sweepers and imaging we have you covered at very affordable rates. Whether you just need to refresh what you have now or you are just getting started, we can professionally produce what you need. Our Production Department has more than 30 years radio experience and we guarantee you will be satisfied with what we produce for you!

Unlike other companies, our rates are the same for Internet Only & Terrestrial Radio Stations. No project is too large or small.

We do any genre', here are just a few samples:

Starter Pack

Need a complete makeover for your station or starting a new one?

  • 20 Fully Produced Sweepers.
  • 20 Dry Sweepers.
  • 4 Custom Program Intros.
  • We don’t stop until you are happy!
  • Professional Quality.

Monthly Benefit Pack

This is the perfect choice for Terrestrial AM/FM stations that do monthly promotions!

  • 15 Fully Produced Sweepers per month.
  • 15 Dry Sweeps per month.
  • Sweeps for every holiday & season.
  • News, Weather, and Traffic Beds.
  • Custom Program Intros.

Refresher Pack

Need an affordable way to refresh your current imaging?

  • 10 Fully Produced Sweepers.
  • 10 Dry Sweepers.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • Guaranteed Happiness.
  • Professional Quality.

Freshen Up Monthly

When it’s Wine or a Painting Mastepiece, old is good. When it’s your station imaging Old, is well, OLD. You want to keep your listeners listening for a long time so don’t run them off with OLD stale imaging.

  • 5 produced sweepers each month.
  • Great for promotions.
  • Use for seasons and holidays.
  • Double up at checkout for $15 more.

Seasonal Imaging

Spring Sweepers

  • 10 Produced Spring Sweepers.

Summer Sweepers

  • 10 Produced Summer Sweepers.

Fall Sweepers

  • 10 Produced Fall Sweepers.

Winter Sweepers

  • 10 Produced Winter Sweepers.

Holiday Imaging

We can also provide promotions and sweepers in Spanish. Here’s a demo:

Holiday Sweeper Pack

  • 20 Fully Produced Sweepers.
  • Mix & Match Holidays.
  • Customized to your station.
  • We do all Major Holidays for any religion!

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