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Streaming Mobile Players

Thanks to Apple’s change in user policy for developers we had to discontinue our Mobile App Line and replace it with something new and even more exciting. Research shows that with millions of individual apps out there to choose from, downloads have began to waiver. Why make them download a mobile app when you can just give them a link to a nice HTML5 player that is fully mobile responsive and works on just about any mobile platform?

YES, that’s right, no more downloads or money spent to get your station on multiple mobile devices!

Why should your player pop-out? Over the past few years the trend in people using mobile devices and appliances has more than tripled. Using a mobile friendly pop-out allows them to continue working on their device while they listen to your station. You can embed but you need knowledge in using responvie frames on your website to allow your player to adjust to their screen. If you are using a secure https protocol on your website and your stream isn’t https, your site security will be broken. The pop-out concept fixes these issues for you.

Let's Have a Look

Free Player

  • Built on HTML5 technology with flash fallback.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive.
  • Works on 99% of platforms.
  • Pops Out in new window so user can surf.
  • The non-obtrusive banner ads are required to keep it free.
  • Supports MP3 & AAC+.
  • Album Art powered by Last.FM

Pro Player

  • All the benefits of the Free version plus some.
  • No Banner Ads.
  • Includes your logo and social media icons.
  • Can include multiple stations.
  • Use album art as the background or a custom image.
  • Border can match your station logo.
  • Very affordable at only $6.99 a month.

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