Reliable Internet Radio Automation

Tired of your ISP dropping your station and those forced Windows 10 updates? We have an affordable solution for you! Join our Virtual Environment that keeps you running 24/7/365. Our 100% reliable Virtual Servers are now available with the automation built in.

NEW! Now you can program your station on your desktop and it will automatically make the program changes in your Virtual Server (Dropbox or NextCloud account is required). Now programming and going live is simple with Pro-Virtual Automation!

Streaming & Automation All-In-One!

Pro-Virtual Radio Automation

  • Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • NextKast ProLease Streaming Software.
  • Playlist Creation.
  • Built in Audio Processing.
  • Icecast V2-KH or Shoutcast Streaming Server Included.
  • 125 GB File Storage (Upgradable).
  • UNLIMITED Listener Slots.
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP Address.
  • Full Control.
  • Remote Desktop Access.
  • Comprehensive Support Experts.
  • 3 Hours of FREE training on the software.
  • Extended assistance available (fee applies).
  • Works With Live365 Live Streaming.
  • FREE Setup.
  • FREE Mobile Player.

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