Monetized Server Network

Enjoy the lowest streaming prices on the best network in the world and get paid to do it! PLUS get the benefit of live stats and reports.

  • Icecast V2-KH Streaming.
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth.
  • UNLIMITED Listener slots.
  • You get the availability of 2 streams, one for MP3 streaming and one for AAC+ mobile streaming.
  • HTML5 Player available.
  • iOS and Android apps available.

Share The Revenues

Get paid and earn bonus levels based on your stations performance. At PSN we believe in rewarding you for promoting and growing your listenership.

  • No impression minimums.
  • Revenue Share is based upon TLH.
  • Minimum of 15,000 TLH on an established stream is required to qualify.
  • Stations with more than 50,000 TLH may qualify for FREE streaming.
  • Telephone Support included (during normal business hours).
  • Email support 24/7.

To qualify for this program you must be able to verify a minimum of 15,000 TLH on a current stream and agree to place a 2 minute trigger ad within your stream at least twice each hour of programming.

You must agree to and sign our Platform Agreement (very simple language showing your revenue split and bonus levels).

We have NO minimum impression requirements.

Ad Partners pay us on a CPM (per thousand impressions) basis. The more listeners you have the more you earn!

You can place up to 5 trigger files per hour in your stream (minimum is two).

Please contact us about this program as it requires an application for our staff to process.

Please Share The Love!