Savings for IRUC Members only!

If you are like us, you want your Internet Radio Station to sound professional and we have the tools to make that happen for you.

We have been in this business for many years and we all have internet only stations like yours. The issue we have always found was the cheap stream servers have absolutely no audio processing. In fact most of the automation software on the market today uses 3rd party processing and it totally sucks. Welcome to our world.

We have the solution!

We offer cloud based radio automation with powerful, adjustable audio processing built into the software. This is the same software used by dance clubs and real Terrestrial Radio Stations. You can make changes and adjustments from anywhere and with the free station management tool you can voice track from your local PC. If you want to go live, we can help with that too.

But, what if I'm on Live365?

It’s perfectly fine! Our system is compatible with them and instead of using a simple AutoDJ through them, we can set you up with professional sound AND show you how to use our secure streaming to relay into them giving you the option to go on a live remote which will automatically play through your Live365 stream.

I've seen those systems, they're too expensive!

Well, not us! Our cloud is based on audio streaming only. In fact, audio streaming is all we do. Check out our pricing below, we’re sure it can’t be matched by anyone.

Super Savings Just For You!

Virtual Automation

  • Windows Virtual Server.
  • NextKast Pro Streaming Software.
  • Playlist Creation.
  • Adjustable Audio Processing.
  • Secure Stream with Responsive HTML5 Player.
  • 160 GB File Storage (Upgradable – Storage size will be less OS required space).
  • UNLIMITED Listener Slots.
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP Address.
  • Full Control.
  • Remote Desktop Access.
  • Comprehensive Support Experts.
  • FREE Setup.

Virtual Automation (Live365)

  • Windows Virtual Server.
  • Nextkast Pro Streaming Software.
  • Playlist Creation.
  • Professional Scheduling.
  • Remote Voice Tracking.
  • Adjustable Audio Processing.
  • 130 GB File Storage (need more? Ask).
  • Private Stream Server to use as a relay on Live365.
  • Remote Desktop Access.
  • Dedicated IP.
  • Full Server Control.
  • Comprehensive Support Experts.
  • FREE Setup

What makes us different from the others?

We are streaming & Audio Experts

  • Quality always! Under the hood of our Virtual Automation Servers you will find something very unusual in our industry. First off we use powerful servers meant to last. Instead of 1 vCPU (like our competitors) you get 4 vCPU fro processing. You also get dedicated storage and memory. It’s powerful enough to do what needs to be done plus some!
  • Our network is audio only. That means there are no web servers or gaming servers to eat up bandwidth and and subject you to ddOS attacks. Our website is not even connected to our audio servers!
  • We are Internet Radio Gurus. Our staff has more than 50 years combined experience in internet radio streaming and we have internet radio stations ourselves. How many other companies can boast that?
  • More than just service. We are willing to help you along the way and use the services we offer.
  • Streaming Only? Yes we have that too at low prices. Contact us to get a very special price for IRUC Members Only.

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