Online Radio Quick Start Guide

Post By in Self Help on Nov 14, 2017

Hi there folks, thanks for visiting our blog. My name is Wes and I have been doing online radio since 1999. Things have really changed since I started but one thing remains the same; when you first start it can be extremely confusing.

The fastest and cheapest way I found to get started is SHOUTcast or Icecast Streaming with Centova Cast AutoDJ. Your friends here at ProStreaming are trying to make it even easier by offering great prices on streaming and Centova Cast AutoDJ.

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Getting Started with Centova Cast…

Over the years I have gotten thousands of emails asking for help setting up radio streams. This year I decided to make FREE Video Courses to help you get started quickly by sharing some of my secrets.

I made several tutorials to help you get started quick and easy.


Organizing Your Files for Upload

Tagging Your Files With Correct Metadata

Applying Consistent Audio Gain

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