Getting Started

Post By in Videos on Mar 20, 2018

Getting Started…

Over the years I have gotten thousands of emails asking for help setting up radio streams. This year I decided to make FREE Video Courses to help you get started quickly by sharing some of my secrets.

The first course teaches all the essentials using Centova Cast AutoDJ from start to finish. The training is so intensive in this course we did it in 2 parts.

Course Outline:

Internet Radio 101+ (PDF Version)

Download the course outline to follow while watching the video.

Part 1 (20 Minutes)

This part covers preparing your audio files and organizing them in folders. I have included free programs you can use to accomplish this phase of getting started. I walk you through every step including using the free software. If you are a beginner this part is a MUST WATCH. If you already know how to prepare your files then you can skip this section and get down to the brass tacks in Part 2.


Part 2 (26 Minutes)

This is where we get down tho the brass tacks of using Centova Cast. This part includes a tour of the Cenotva Cast Admin Panel, uploading your prepared files, making your playlists and starting your stream. I walk you through every step of managing your Centova Cast Stream.


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